Greenbroook Elementary School

Rainbow Project


The Rainbow Project is an early intervention program for children who are having mild adjustment problems at school. Students are referred for a variety of reasons, such as: being new to school, having difficulty making friends, extreme shyness, divorce, death of a family member, or needing help in developing better social skills.


The Rainbow Project launched at Greenbrook Elementary School in 1989. Over 1,000 students have directly benefited from our intervention program and hundreds of others have benefited indirectly.


The Rainbow Room, located in the administrative building, provides a variety of programs implemented by a  para-professional and supervised by the school psychologist. The room is colorful and full of engaging toys,  games and learning tools.


The 1:1 program provides 30 minutes a week of individual child directed play between the student and the para-professional. This program has been found to help children develop confidence and a more positive self-image, as well as a supportive relationship with another adult at school. The second program is the Second Step program that offers small group sessions to teach social skills of empathy, problem-solving, emotion management, and, skills for learning.  The third program is the Steps to Respect program, a literature based social skills program for Third Grade students. The lessons in the Steps to Respect program teach students to take responsibility for creating a caring school by: developing vocabulary to express feelings and use empathy, using friendship skills to treat others with respect, encouraging others to join in group activities along with practicing ways to join in, and learning ways to become more assertive. The fourth program, PALS, is a friendship group that teaches students how to make, maintain, and cultivate friendships.


The Rainbow program is not a direct counseling program and the para-professional does not ask direct counseling questions to the students. Students typically spend 8-12 weeks in the program and graduate at the end of their term. Students love being a part of the Rainbow Room!


If you have any questions about the Rainbow Project, contact our Rainbow School Based Mental Health Professional, Chrsitina Giannini

The Rainbow Program Celebrates 30 Years of Success!

This year the Rainbow Program has been added to Bella Vista, our newest elementary school, making it a districtwide program now at all 22 elementary schools.  The Rainbow Program has proven to be an extremely effective way for students in grades TK to 5 to build friendship skills, leadership and self-confidence.


The Rainbow Program began in 1986 at Bollinger Canyon Elementary School as part of the statewide Primary Intervention Program (PIP).  PIP is a one-on-one non-directive play program led by a warm, nurturing, specially trained paraprofessional, in an activity room filled with toys, games and crafts.  Children may benefit from PIP for many different reasons, such as new school adjustment, excessive shyness, academic pressure, peer pressure or family stress.


As the Rainbow Program gradually expanded to all SRVUSD schools over the years, social skills groups were added.  In addition to PIP, children can participate in small friendship groups which use scripted literature based lessons and photolesson cards to provide direct teaching about conversational skills, making and keeping friends, social problem solving, emotion management, and skills for learning.


Referrals to the Rainbow Program at each school can be a teacher recommendation or a parent request, made directly to their school's Rainbow paraprofessional or their Rainbow school psychologist.  


Each school offers two twelve week sessions, in the fall and spring.  Approximately 40- 50 students are seen at each school every year.  In 2015-16, over 900 students benefitted from the Rainbow Program in SRVUSD.  Our local research has found that over 80% of participants made significant gains in their social skills and overall classroom adjustment.


Questions?  Contact Debbie Roof, SRVUSD School Psychologist and Rainbow Project Coordinator, at

Christina Giannini, Mental Health Professional


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